We've Moved

Written by Reilly Milburn.

We decided to move Lighten Up over to a new platform (tumblr!) - so you'll need to click this link to discover all the amazing new posts we've put up since then!

It's Written in the Stars

Written by Reilly Milburn.

One often spends a lifetime searching for their destiny.  I found mine on the shelf at Gamestop a few weeks ago.  This fate of which I speak of is none other than Bungie’s latest game, Destiny.


Written by Meredith Simpson.

Okay. It’s time to come clean. In the face of the Apple keynote address on September 9th, I was forced to confront the reality that I am suffering from a rare and debilitating affliction known in certain circles as iOS-itis. The good news is, I think I’m finally on the path to recovery.

Roses Are Red, and Sometimes Are Blue?

Written by Reilly Milburn.

Throughout history in the Western culture, the rose has been a symbol for love. For this reason, it is the most popular flower to be purchased on the holiday devoted to the celebration of love, Valentine’s Day. However, the color of rose you select might send across the wrong message to your recipient.