• Check out the new playground in action at the Pizza, Popsicles, and Playground social event held June 23rd.
  • Seniors and Kindergarten students enjoy the moments before their commencement celebrations.
  • A box turtle heads for safer surroundings just north of the Red Barn.
  • Kindergarten students receive high-fives on their way to the Lodge for Kindergarten graduation.
  • Our varsity soccer girls are state champs - they upset #1 seed Halifax Academy 3-1 to take the NCISAA 1A title!
  • Aerial view of campus, with 175-year-old Stinson Hall in the foreground (read more about our campus).
Woodlawn School

I am a Trailblazer.

Hello, my name is Reilly Milburn, and I am a senior here at Woodlawn. As I finish my fourth and final year at this school, I look forward to the new opportunities I will experience in college. However, none of them would be possible without the many great experiences I’ve had at Woodlawn. From the close ties with my peers and teachers, to the ability to find my passions in work and life, Woodlawn has played a crucial role in shaping my identity.

One of my favorite things about Woodlawn is the ability to try new things, and at the same time delve deeper into areas and interests that you love. For example, prior to my admittance to Woodlawn, I had never played a school sport. With Woodlawn’s inclusive community, I was quickly welcomed into the world of sports, and have been able to participate in soccer, track, and cross-country. As a member of the cross-country team, I was able to help Woodlawn secure first place in our Conference and State championship meets, moments I will never forget. Aside from sports, Woodlawn has given me the opportunity to explore other interests of mine, such as music, journalism, and physics. When I’m not hard at work, you’ll be sure to catch me rocking out at the monthly open mic nights on my beloved electric guitar.

With graduation right around the corner, I am very excited for what lies ahead. While I know that college will be different from my high school years, I am not worried. I know that Woodlawn has prepared me socially and academically for my future.

Reilly will be attending Haverford College in the fall.

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