• Seniors presented a Woodlawn flag as their class gift to the school (see more Commencement photos).
  • Juniors spent a week in historic St. Augustine, Florida on their May overnight trip (see more photos).
  • Fourth graders explored the Outer Banks of North Carolina on their May overnight trip (see more photos).
  • Sophomores used the Marta rail line to explore Atlanta on their May overnight trip (see more photos).
  • Freshmen experienced life on the North Carolina coast during their May overnight trip (see more photos).
  • Eighth graders made their annual week-long trek to Washington, D.C. this spring (read more in Blazer Buzz).
  • Upper school students enjoyed Prom Night dinner and dancing at the Carrigan Farms Rock Quarry.
  • Aerial view of campus, with 175-year-old Stinson Hall in the foreground (read more about our campus).
Woodlawn School

We are Trailblazers.

Hi Everyone! JP, Sydney, and Maisie here—self-proclaimed original Trailblazers! We’re proud to say we’ve been here the longest of any Woodlawn student so far. We’ve spent a decade of our lives on this campus, and you get to know a place pretty well after 10 years. One thing’s for sure: Woodlawn’s never boring! We’ve seen a lot of interesting things go down on our 61-acre campus through the years. But without a doubt, Woodlawn Day always registers at the top of our favorite traditions. The rumors are true—it involves square dancing. Each fall we pair up with a new partner and re-learn all of the steps to the do-si-do along with the entire school community! Looking back it’s easy to point out our stages of maturity. We loved it as grade school children, were embarrassed by it as middle school students, and now?

Now it’s an important day. We dance to honor our historic plantation campus, and as seniors, we dance for other reasons too. More than a school tradition, Woodlawn Day has become a rite of passage.  We are no longer the timid kids who wonder what they have just signed onto by going to a small school with traditions that date back to the 1800’s. Woodlawn has empowered us to dance the Virginia Reel with our calculus teacher, who always dresses the part with a straw hat and overalls. What teen would voluntarily do such a thing? And yet, we understand now that letting your guard down, having fun in silly ways, is what has enriched our lives the most at Woodlawn.

Woodlawn encouraged us to experiment, evolve, and grow into the people we were meant to be. We are artists, scholars, athletes, and so much more. Our years here have changed us in ways we never thought they would.

In the fall, Maisie will be attending Rhode Island School of Design where she intends to study graphic design, JP will be attending Penn as a Ben Franklin Scholar, and Sydney will be attending Occidental College where she’ll be looking into their World Diplomacy program while participating on the varsity cross country and track teams.

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