An Integrated Approach

Woodlawn is committed to an integrated and innovative approach to learning and teaching. While learning the fundamentals in each of the core subject areas of social studies, science, math, reading, and writing, our students are engaged in group discussions, in-depth research projects, presentations, and performances. Our teachers strive to create an atmosphere in the classroom that is student-driven, providing students the opportunity and ability to seek out information and become independent, lifelong learners.

By definition, our curriculum is a work in progress that is constantly being evaluated and changed in order to better challenge and engage our students. Our teachers continually update a wiki (collaborative website) with details on each discipline in every grade level. By browsing through this information, you can see the level of effort that goes into our curriculum, from its high-level design around  essential questions in each grade level, to the more detailed design in each class, all the way to the actual implementation of weekly activities in each classroom.

Essential Questions

Kindergarten: Who am I and what is my role in the community?

First Grade:  What is a community?

Second Grade:  How can I make a difference in my community and in my world?

Third Grade: How do communities change over time?

Fourth Grade: How does where/when we live influence how we live?

Fifth Grade: What is the world made of?

Sixth Grade: What does it mean to be part of a society?

Seventh Grade: What does it mean to be human?

Eighth Grade: How did we get here?