Our Arts Program

On any given day at Woodlawn, students across campus are engaged in activities that are the building blocks of lifelong learning: Inquiry. Collaboration. Critical thinking. Problem-solving. Goal-setting. Self-evaluation. Reflection.

These skills are the cornerstones of our arts programs at Woodlawn. From its inception, Woodlawn has recognized the arts not as an “extra,” but rather as a fundamental component to our students' experience. This is because we understand and value what the arts intrinsically provide to our students: The opportunity to be challenged in entirely new ways, to think critically, to integrate and apply what they have learned in math, English, science, or history, to learn theoretically and practically, to gain self-awareness, and to better connect to the human experience.

When a 7th grader is given the task of designing a building that serves a critical global need, or a 10th grader is charged with bringing Shakespeare to life; when a 5th grader sits down at the keyboard with his teacher, or an 11th grader performs modern dance in front of his peers, lifelong learning happens.

Our curriculum in the lower and middle schools is, in many ways, arts-driven; dance, music, theatre, and visual arts are integrated across disciplines and often anchor our project work. In the upper grades, students have opportunities to pursue the visual and performing arts through application projects in their core classes and through various elective offerings, student clubs, and school programs.