Music Program

Woodlawn’s music program offers lower school students opportunities to compose, play, and perform music using pianos and recorders. Young musicians perform their own compositions at several concerts throughout the year, including Christmas in Davidson, Night of the Arts (at Woodlawn) and the spring Jazz Concert. The Woodlawn lower school chorus gives our young vocalists  the opportunity to sing a variety of arrangements of holiday music for the crowds at Christmas in Davidson.

The K-3 music program focuses on singing, rhythm, and voice technique. They learn songs that are fun to sing and songs that integrate with their core class curriculum. Simple instruments, such as sticks and percussion instruments, are introduced in grades kindergarten and first. Students in first and second grade will begin working on music theory, learning to recognize notes on the staff and other music symbols. Second graders take that learning a bit further as they learn to sing those notes in a melody. They also learn about counting notes and rhythm in a song.Each student in second and third grade will learn how to play the recorder and as the year progresses, be able to play along with keyboard or guitar. Third graders even learn to write lyrics to a song that they will put to music and rhythm. Performance is also a big part of the Lower School music program. Choreography and dance will also be used as a tool to bring the songs to life. Students in grades K-3 perform for an audience twice a year, in the fall and in the spring for our annual Night of the Arts program.

The fourth and fifth grade music program focuses on enhancing their core class curriculum through song and rhythm. Students will sing and dance for the enjoyment of music and bring them together as a chorus. Fourth and fifth graders learn how to play the keyboard and the piano.  Students who already take piano lessons are evaluated and continue with their level of playing.  For students who are new to the keyboard will begin with basic hand technique and reading notes. Students will even have an opportunity to spend some time writing their own song lyrics and then put those lyrics to music. Performance is also a big part of the Lower School music program. The fourth and fifth graders participate in the annual "Christmas in Davidson" performance.  The fourth and fifth grade chorus work together to sing songs that represent a variety of holidays, traditions, and cultures. Finally, in the spring, students end the year with a performance entitled, Night of the Arts, where students showcase their talents on the keyboard, through chorus numbers, and through artwork.