Student Publications

The Lamplighter—a school-sponsored, student-run newspaper that is published once a trimester with special editions printed under the direction of the current editors. Each year an editor-in-chief is selected in addition to section editors, a group of staff writers, photographers, artists, and tech coordinator who manages the "back-end" of the website. All of the positions work closely with the advisor. The newspaper staff also manages our student blog, "Lighten Up!".

The Mighty Oak—a school-sponsored, student-run yearbook publication that is published once a year, at the end of the school year. Each year an editor is selected in addition to artists, staff writers, photographers, business managers, and Photoshop experts. Students use state-of-the-art desktop publishing tools and are exposed to a variety of real-world applications. In 2009 and 2011, The Mighty Oak was was recognized for its creative design by Jostens Look Book Design Competition.

The Loop—a school-sponsored, student-run literary magazine. Students select a collection of poems, artwork, photography, and short stories from submissions received throughout the year. The magazine is then assembled and distributed once a year, at the end of the school year.