College Advising at Woodlawn: An Overview

College guidance at Woodlawn School includes both informational workshops and individual sessions with students and families. Individual sessions begin in the junior year and continue until the process is completed during the senior year. Each student's path to college is unique, therefore individual time is key to guiding families toward the best result. A major goal of college guidance is to reduce family anxiety during this process by providing the best information and resources available.  Woodlawn's college guidance services include the use of the Naviance online college and career readiness platform, which helps connect our students' academic achievement to their post-secondary goals.

As a result of our individualized college guidance program, Woodlawn students have been accepted at many of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation (see the full acceptance list here).  You can currently find Woodlawn graduates at national universities such as Princeton, Yale, Rice, and NYU, and also at national liberal arts colleges like Williams, Middlebury, Carleton, and Bowdoin.

For more specifics on the college advising process at Woodlawn, visit the college planning information page on our wiki.

Representatives from the following colleges visited Woodlawn's campus and spoke with students during the 2013-14 school year:

Furman University
University of the South (Sewanee)
Roanoke College
Emory University
American University
Presbyterian College
Haverford College
Duke University
Clemson University
Davidson College
George Washington University
Tufts University
Elon University
Berry College
Mercer University
Wofford College
New York University
University of South Carolina
Northeastern University
Gardner-Webb College
Queens University