Student Testimonials

Forrest Daugherty '13

Published September, 2012

Hey, I’m Forrest Daugherty, a senior at Woodlawn. I’ve been at Woodlawn since the 4th grade, so I’d say I know a thing or two about it! My favorite part about Woodlawn is definitely the opportunities. I know that sounds boring, but believe me, it’s not! At Woodlawn I’ve traveled the world—I’ve been to Greece and Colombia, where I stayed with my Spanish teacher’s family. Only one person spoke any English! The teachers at Woodlawn will work with you and do whatever they can to help you out, even if it’s giving you access to the kitchen every Monday morning to make breakfast. Thanks Breakfast Club!

More personally, Woodlawn has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion. About a year ago I was introduced to rowing and have been working hard at it ever since. The school gave me space to keep my rowing machine and has been nothing but supportive ever since. Now I’m being recruited to row in college, largely due to the training I was able to do at Woodlawn.

While I can’t wait to row in college, I’ll definitely be making the most of my senior year here at Woodlawn!




Forrest is currently a sophomore at Princeton University.