The Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a gifted education program sponsored by Duke University. Its purpose is to identify gifted children and provide them and their parents the resources for them to reach their full educational potential.

Duke TIP operates in sixteen states throughout the South and Midwest, specifically the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Duke TIP was originally started in 1980 and operated in 13 states; Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska were added the following year.

Students are identified in fourth/fifth grade and/or in seventh grade. In the seventh grade search, students may take the either the SAT or ACT college entrance exam. If a student does exceptionally well on these exams, he or she can receive state and even national recognition for his or her efforts.

Woodlawn 7th graders have participated in the Duke TIP program since 2002-03, the year Woodlawn opened. Multiple Woodlawn students have received "state" recognition each year, and 3 students have received "national" recognition.  In the 2012-13 school year, 21 of our seventh grade students qualified for participation in the program - the largest number of qualifiers in Woodlawn's history.

2014-15 Duke TIP Qualifiers

Pictured Back Row: (L-R) Olivia D, Mary H, Mitch P, Al W, Cole R, Michael S.
Front Row: (L-R) Jack B, Andrew A, Lily K, Campbell L, Dina C, Ariana C, Jesse J (missing from photo: Jackie J)

2013-14 Duke TIP Qualifiers

2012-13 Duke TIP Qualifiers

Pictured front row (from left): Ella Kiley, Clayton Kolls, Evie Fiscus, Megan Rose, Ellie Marcus, Lauren Huff, Chase Bubak, Jake McMillen, Davis Foster, Joseph Cross, Finn Bridgeford.

Back Row (from left): Libby Dy, Katlyn Gonzalez, Peyton Kelly, Aubrey Dyckman, Zoe Milburn, Yasmine Deep, Will Combs, Zander Milburn, Trent Adams, Tripp Berini.

2011-12 Duke TIP Qualifiers

Pictured front row (from left): Ansley Earle, Ava Bruffey, Julia Desmond, Erica Rose, Merritt Strodel, Amelia Woodall, Kelsie Milburn.

Back row (from left): Callie Martin, Caroline Surratt, Charlotte Berl, Halynna Snyder, Quinn Schneider, Matt Childers, Julian Ramirez, Felix Lopez.

Not pictured:  Jake Johnson, Elliott Anderson, John Bubak, Christopher Wieser

2010-11 Duke TIP Qualifiers

Pictured front row (from left): Taylor Scott, Morgan Kleinhandler, Ally Ault, Leela Wissmann, Natalie Buechler, Arianna Hoshino.

Back row (from left): Michael Kleinhandler, Gray Ferrell, Matthew Shaw, Cameron Latten, Davis Combs, Alexander Weir.