US Blazer Buzz 2 March

This week's highlight: Film Festival

On Friday night, Upper School students and families gathered for the 2nd annual student Film Festival in the Red Barn. Students in grades 9 through 12 have been working all trimester in small groups to write, direct, produce, and present short films that address an essential element of our experience as humans: Is the human condition one of goodness? What responsibility do we have to the idea of justice? Groups approached these themes from different angles; one group imagined a dystopian world in which physical touch is against the law, while another group took a documentary-style approach and filmed interviews with individuals from the community. Everyone in attendance enjoyed seeing their friends on screen and munching through some delicious snacks. Proceeds from the event went to the Barium Springs Home for Children.

US Blazer Buzz 23 Feb

This week's highlight: The School System

Students in ninth and tenth grades have been examining the education system as a service component of their Humanities curriculum.  After reading about the history of public education, students researched and discussed today's many different kinds of schools:  public, charter, independent, parochial, and home schools.  Students then screened Waiting for Superman, a 2010 documentary which attempts to dissect the challenges facing today's public schools.  The film, which has received critical acclaim as well as elicited fierce criticism, presents an interesting perspective on the role of teachers' unions in the current paradigm.  In order to extend the discussion on labor unions, students had a virtual visit from Dr. Paul Clark, Director of the School of Labor and Employments Relations and Professor at Pennsylvania State University.  Via Skype, Dr. Clark was able to engage in discussion with our students about the history of labor unions and their role today in education - as well as other fields.  This discussion connects directly to the work students have been pursuing in Modern World Humanities regarding industrialization and Charles Dickens's Hard Times. 

US Blazer Buzz 2 Feb

This week's highlight: Middle and Upper School Students Celebrate Allies Week

During the week of January 26, the Woodlawn Honor Council planned and organized a number of activities reinforcing the Woodlawn values of personal integrity, responsibility, and community.  Beginning with "Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve" Day and culminating with an upper school "Show and Tell" during Common Hour, students and faculty engaged in small and large group discussion about individuality, choices, and ethics.  Upper school students also invited middle school students to lunch on Wednesday and Thursday for informal and structured conversation.  Photos courtesy Chris Coutinho!

We had many furry friends visit during Common Hour, including Bristow Ganis, a 9-year-old Goldendoodle and "brother" to Tyler '15 and Zoe '18.

US Blazer Buzz 26 Jan

This week's highlight:Spanish Literature

In Spanish III, the students begin to tackle Spanish literature, beginning with the 16th century picaresque novel Lazarillo de Tormes.  Novels in the picaresque genre document the stories of rascals, of which Lazarillo is certainly one!  To bring his story to life, the sophomores recently took a trip to Meg-Art Pottery Studio to depict scenes from the novella on ceramic tiles.  Each student was charged with depicting a particular scene, and the endeavor had outstanding results.  Swing by Profe. Hayden's room for the full effect!

US Blazer Buzz 12 Jan

This week's highlight: Student Teaching Elective

January always bring new opportunities, and that's certainly the case at Woodlawn these days!  Juniors and seniors students enrolled in the second term "Student Teaching" elective spent all of December proposing and planning thematic enrichment courses with faculty guidance, and last week, they finally welcomed seventh and eighth grade students into their classes.

Now in its fourth year, the student teaching program allows upper school students to gain and practice critical skills in planning, collaboration, and leadership, while giving middle school students the chance to sprinkle some new and different classes into their schedules.  This year, pairs of upper school students are offering Baking Desserts, Visual Journaling, Music Video Production, Team Sports, Culture Indulgers, and Wilderness Survival.  Judging by drop-in visits last Friday, the courses are going swimmingly for teachers and pupils alike!