US Blazer Buzz 22 Sept

This week's highlight: Teaching Exchange on the Patio

Upper school students enrolled in Environmental Studies recently teamed up with seventh graders for a teaching exchange.  The seventh graders, who have been learning about thermal energy, prepared mini-labs for their upper school partners to demonstrate thermal energy in action.  Students compared the behavior of inflated and water-filled balloons heated over flames and discovered what happens to metal when placed in direct heat using a ball and ring apparatus.  Next, upper school students shared their knowledge about ocean acidification: increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are impacting pH levels in oceans around the globe.  To illustrate the acidic impact of CO2, upper school students had their middle school buddies exhale into beakers of water and watched the pH indicator change colors!  After the exchange of ideas, students took mini-quizzes and discussed parallels in the thermal energy and ocean acidification processes.  All in all, it was a fun afternoon where everyone learned something new!

US Blazer Buzz 15 Sept

This week's highlight: Code of Honor

The thirteenth commemoration of September 11th offered Woodlawn's upper school students the opportunity to commit themselves to Woodlawn's Code of Honor and Integrity against a backdrop of poignant remembrance and meaningful reflection. In an hour-long ceremony that was somber, stirring, and purposeful, students watched The Man in the Red Bandanna, a short film profiling Welles Crowther, a young man who led many others to safety from the 78th floor of the South Tower. Welles's courage, clarity, and selflessness during the morning of September 11, 2001 became the basis for dialogue and discussion about personal integrity. Honor Council adviser Jeff Donnelly then led students through an exercise intended to illuminate each's core values. Students in grades 9-12 then signed the Code of Honor and Integrity for the 2014-15 school year. As a community, we were grateful for the opportunity to reflect on the legacy of Welles Crowther - and to ponder our own.

US Blazer Buzz 8 Sept

This week's highlight: Upper School Launches Campus Stewardship

The upper school students returned to campus this fall and encountered a few new items in their weekly schedule, including a reading period, upper school recess (!), and, during 7th period on Fridays, campus stewardship. Two weeks into the school year, the upper school jobs block is proving to be a worthwhile end to the student work week. The students are serving the school and campus in a variety of ways. Our student editors, journalists, designers, and photographers are busily working through the first stages of this year's Mighty Oak, Woodlawn's award-winning yearbook. Other students select from an assortment of campus-related tasks such as groundskeeping, recycling, maintenance, or classroom and hallway beautification. Woodlawn students are always looking for an added challenge, so this week students tackled transporting a felled tree trunk, hanging the Class of 2015 banner from the rafters of the Woods Hall Patio, and giving the upper school gardens some much-needed TLC. Be on the lookout for student workers scurrying around campus at the end of the day each Friday!

US Blazer Buzz 2 Sept

This week's highlight: Advance Week

The 2014-15 school year started with a bang in Woodlawn's upper school, as students and faculty worked and played side-by-side during the annual Advance Week. While classes met periodically through the week, the bulk of the first five days was dedicated time for community building, goal-setting, reflecting, and fun. Highlights from this year's Advance Week included welcoming the "Octopi" of the Class of 2018, a hotly-contested game of Steal the Bacon, leisurely hikes through Lake Norman State Park, students engaging in lively discussion around Woodlawn's mission statement and each class's core values, Family Tree activities with our younger schoolmates, and, of course, chocolate chip pancakes.

As classes really crank into gear this week, we are excited to build another superb year at Woodlawn on foundations of spirit, collaboration, creativity, and unity!

US Blazer Buzz 19 May

This week's highlight:Blazer Ball!

The sixth annual Blazer Ball went off without a hitch! On Friday, May 9, members of the upper school student body made their way via bus and stretch SUV out to the Rock Quarry at Carrigan Farms to enjoy this year's theme of "Light Up the Night." Despite the afternoon thunderstorms, the rain stayed away for the bulk of the event. Students mingled on the sandy beach and picturesque cliffs, enjoyed a sit-down catered dinner, and spent the evening dancing, chatting, taking pictures, and updating statuses on various social media sites. The favorite moment for most guests was the release of hundreds of floating lanterns, which lifted into the sky and carried off wishes into the night. You can find pictures of the stunning prom-goers and location by visiting Woodlawn's Facebook page. Many thanks to the parent and faculty volunteers who decorated and chaperoned the event!

Contributed by Beth Helfrich