MS Blazer Buzz 12 Jan

This week's highlight: Geo Bee

Are you smarter than a 7th grader?  When it comes to geography, you would have to be to beat Mitch Porter, who took first place in Woodlawn’s Geography Bee last week.  Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography.  Because not all of the schools have held their contests at this time, we cannot publish the exact questions from this year’s Geo Bee.  But here are two similar questions that just might stump you, unless you are a geography whiz!  1. Oyala, a planned city located in the rainforest 65 miles east of Bata, is being built as a capital for what African country?  2. The Sea Island chain, including Hilton Head and Cumberland Island, runs along the coast of which state-Michigan or South Carolina? 

Congratulations to Mitch P., Hank G., and Josh E. who took first, second, and third place respectively.

1.  (Equatorial Guinea)
2.  (South Carolina)

MS Blazer Buzz 15 Dec

This week's highlight: Preterite March!

Eighth graders in Señora Laine and Señorita Morgan's classes are studying the past tense in Spanish, which has a lot of irregular verbs. In order to help students remember all the irregulars, they learn a chant repeating the irregular, first person verbs! Watch the video of the Preterite March here!

MS Blazer Buzz 8 Dec

This week's highlight: Treats and Toys

Sixth graders have been busy baking treats and making toys this holiday season, but not for girls and boys.  These treats and toys are for their furry friends!  Mrs. Clemente and Mrs. Carol guided students through a fun session of baking dog biscuits in the Lodge kitchen in November.  Students cut them into fun shapes.  They are edible, just not real tasty as Jackson quickly found out! Students then put their newly learned baking skills to use at home as they prepared hundreds of dog biscuits for their annual Christmas in Davidson sale.  The girls spent an evening bonding and laughing around sewing machines as Madison Berini guided everyone in creating dog toys from tennis balls.  And all sixth graders were busy selling their homemade products on the streets of Davidson.  Proceeds benefit their service learning partner, the Charlotte Humane Society.  I imagine there are some happy dogs in town!

MS Blazer Buzz 24 Nov

This week's highlight: Fall Trimester Portfolio Viewing

This week, middle school students invited their parents to class for portfolio viewings, culminating presentations highlighting their work from fall trimester.  They shared the many projects, essays, art pieces, and videos that they produced.  6th graders shared some tasty greens straight from their own gardens and a garden plot project in math.  Highlights included communication with their German pen pals, Perfect World essays, composition projects with garageband, and observing the aqueduct built in the gardens.  7th graders entertained their guests with a skit about the process of making a movie as they described their work with producing stop motion animated films in LA, Art and Music.  Mitch narrated an incredible video explaining a rather complicated chemical reaction in science and Jesse discussed the atomic bomb debate.  8th graders demonstrated their impressive Rube Goldberg machines in science, Old Salem films produced in math, and original pieces of artwork from their Choice-Based Art Class.  Our Woodlawn middle school students never cease to amaze us!

MS Blazer Buzz 17 Nov

This week's highlight: Budding Filmmakers

Through a collaborative project in art, language arts, and music, seventh grade students are hard at work making stop-motion animated films.  Their scripts include a hero who either changes or learns a lesson.  Some of the story lines include an ungrateful boy who learns to be grateful, an arrogant hairdresser who learns that being humble is the way to go, a wolf who stands up to bullying and also demonstrates forgiveness, and a set builder who uses his skills to overcome an obstacle.  Students are immersed in tedious work as they must take hundreds of pictures, moving their characters centimeter by centimeter in each frame, to produce their stop-motion films.  They are finding that their lego actors are not always cooperative!  Stay tuned to the final film productions in a few weeks.