LS Blazer Buzz 20 April

This week's highlight: Choose Happy

During their Life Skills classes with Ms. Lolla, our Lower School students discussed how to maintain a happy attitude and the impact that your attitude has on others. Following these important life lessons, students joined with Ms. Dashputre, former Woodlawn dance teacher, and Ms. Donna, our music education teacher, to produce a “Choose Happy” video to support the lessons learned during Life Skills class. The students created artwork for the video as well as a dance and song. The video will be released on May 1st and it will be showcased during our annual Night of the Arts on May 7th.

LS Blazer Buzz 6 April

This week's highlight: Field Day

A bucket of water is all you need to make field day "the best day ever" according to our lower school students!  Getting as wet as possible was the theme of the relay races.  An obstacle course of the dizzy bat, hopscotch, and jump rope tested everyone’s athletic prowess despite being dizzy.  Students helped their blindfolded friends navigate “poison ivy traps”. Egg and spoon races tested their balance.  An egg hunt in the lollipop garden added to the “egg-citement” this year!  Ms. Atkins planned the perfect end to the week with a day of fun in the sun, complete with giggles. 

LS Blazer Buzz 30 March

This week's highlight: Bears!

Our youngest Trailblazers had an exciting opportunity last week. Students gathered with their parents and teachers to watch the Disney movie, “Bears.” This sweet film showcases a year in the life of a bear family as two impressionable young cubs are taught life’s most important lessons.

Before watching the film, our kindergarten students spent time in their Life Skills class discussing bears and bear cubs and the importance of having someone significant in their life as they grow. Students then shared a journal with their parents, passing special messages between home and school. One student mentioned how much they enjoyed playing Monopoly with their mom and dad and several parents mentioned the love and laughter their “cubs” brought to their life and home.

Students will follow up their film festival with a trip to Build-a-Bear. Kindergarten students will design a bear to be given to a child at the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, their year-long service partner.

LS Blazer Buzz 23 March

This week's highlight: The Study of Q and U

Our kindergarten students have been studying two very important letters… Q and U! Students studied “qu” rhyming words and participated in a “qu” scavenger hunt during their classroom lessons. Last week, the culminating event in the study of “qu” was a “marriage” between the two special letters. Dressed for the occasion, the students witnessed the letters Q and U promising to always stand by each other in words like square, squid, and squash. The event concluded with delicious wedding cake, QU cookies, bubbles, and sparkling punch.

LS Blazer Buss 16 March

This week's highlight: Poetry Celebration

The third grade held its annual Poetry Celebration last week in the lodge for parents and special guests. Students memorized and shared poems by Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, North Carolina native Carl Sandburg, and Emily Dickinson. During previous weeks, students had the opportunity to study local history during visits to Lake Norman, downtown Davidson, downtown Charlotte, and the Town Hall in the city of Cornelius. When they returned to the classroom, each student focused on their recent experience and wrote their own poems inspired by the style of these famous poets. Music teacher, Donna Early, selected three of the poems created by the students in the style of Robert Frost and put them to music. Much time was spent discussing the connections between poetry and song lyrics. These special songs were also shared during the parent presentation last week. Finally, the students showcased the artwork they created to go along with each poem they wrote. These talented students shared the photographs they took while visiting Davidson to illustrate their poems in the style of Carl Sandburg as well as the mosaics they created to illustrate their poetry in the style of Emily Dickinson. The parents and special guests that were lucky enough to attend were greatly impressed with the memorization skills, songwriting, poetry, and artistic talents of these young people.