LS Blazer Buzz 2 March

This week's highlight: Have a Heart Food and Supply Drive

During the month of February, in honor of Valentines Day, our first grade students hosted the Have a Heart Food and Supply Drive. Students collected food, litter, treats, cleaning supplies and toys for their service partner, the Cornelius Animal Shelter. In addition, students spent much of their classroom service class creating fleece blankets for cats and kittens currently living at the shelter. Students will deliver the much needed items when they visit the shelter in March.

LS Blazer Buzz 16 Feb

This week's highlight: Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is a 1964 children's book written by Jeff Brown and originally illustrated by Tomi Ungerer. It is the first in a series of books featuring Stanley Lambchop. Due to a bulletin board mishap, Stanley is only half an inch thick! In the book series, Stanley has a variety of adventures including traveling to California through the U.S. mail!

Our first grade students have studied the post office, learned the continents and 50 states, and have memorized their address. As part of their study, they have the opportunity to send a “Flat Stanley” to three friends living outside of North Carolina. Our Woodlawn friends dress the Flat Stanley character they receive and mail him back to our excited first grade students. Included in the return envelope is a letter and a few photos describing Flat Stanley’s adventure.

Our students have received Flat Stanley packages from a variety of states and several countries including London, Israel, France, Canada, and Italy.

LS Blazer Buzz 6 Feb

This week's highlight: Celebrating the 100th Day!

Our Early School students welcomed the 100th Day of School on Thursday, February 5th. It was a day marked with special events and celebrations all highlighting the number 100! In Kindergarten, students counted 100 steps from their classroom. They stopped outside Ms. Nancy’s office and marked the spot with a giant footprint and photograph! First grade students read the book 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuvler and celebrated the day with crazy hats! Our second grade class designed number webs and used mathematical operations to create the number 100 in many different ways. Finally, our third grade students built 3D shapes from toothpicks and candy hearts. Students then estimated how many pyramids and cubes they could make from their materials. It was an exciting 100th day of school for all our Early School students!

LS Blazer Buzz 2 Feb

This week's highlight: Touring Davidson

Our third grade class had the opportunity to travel to Davidson last week to learn how our local community has changed over time. Excited students were greeted with a scavenger hunt when they arrived on the Davidson Green! As the students explored the downtown area, they had to solve puzzles and collect evidence of their knowledge documenting our exciting history.

Using the class ipads, each student had to photograph two historical buildings along their hunt. Students were required to use their math skills to determine when Davidson College was founded and cardinal directions to locate upcoming clues. While on the Davidson College campus, students engaged in a lively debate between the balconies of Eumenean Hall and Philanthropic Hall much like the literary societies did in the late 1800’s. Students learned about the two historic Davidson fires and drew etchings as supporting evidence. The Village Store once housed the Palace Theater where silent films were shown for five cents. Students had to create their own silent film in order to proceed to the next clue. Students ended their journey in the Soda Shop where they learned about the history of the building and were then treated to delicious ice cream….a Soda Shop specialty!

Students declared the day a huge success and called it “the best field trip ever!”

LS Blazer Buzz 26 Jan

This week's highlight: Revolutionary Meeting of the Minds

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Lolla’s class recently had a “meeting of the minds” to discuss the importance of their independence and the future of their colonies. Sam Adams, John Hancock and Paul Revere were all in attendance, discussing the tax on tea and arming themselves against the Lobsterbacks. Sam Adams (a.k.a. Ava M.) led the discussions and each student chimed in when they felt like they could offer advice or solutions to the problems. For example, the artisans said they would help make weapons for the colonists. The merchants said they would work on trading amongst the colonists for what they needed rather than buying goods from England, and Paul Revere (a.k.a. Finn) said he would warn the colonists by riding through town to drum up support for the upcoming fight. Students stayed in character the entire time and applied their knowledge from the facts in Liberty. This study will lead to North Carolina's role in the American Revolution.