LS Blazer Buzz 23 March

This week's highlight: The Study of Q and U

Our kindergarten students have been studying two very important letters… Q and U! Students studied “qu” rhyming words and participated in a “qu” scavenger hunt during their classroom lessons. Last week, the culminating event in the study of “qu” was a “marriage” between the two special letters. Dressed for the occasion, the students witnessed the letters Q and U promising to always stand by each other in words like square, squid, and squash. The event concluded with delicious wedding cake, QU cookies, bubbles, and sparkling punch.

LS Blazer Buss 16 March

This week's highlight: Poetry Celebration

The third grade held its annual Poetry Celebration last week in the lodge for parents and special guests. Students memorized and shared poems by Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, North Carolina native Carl Sandburg, and Emily Dickinson. During previous weeks, students had the opportunity to study local history during visits to Lake Norman, downtown Davidson, downtown Charlotte, and the Town Hall in the city of Cornelius. When they returned to the classroom, each student focused on their recent experience and wrote their own poems inspired by the style of these famous poets. Music teacher, Donna Early, selected three of the poems created by the students in the style of Robert Frost and put them to music. Much time was spent discussing the connections between poetry and song lyrics. These special songs were also shared during the parent presentation last week. Finally, the students showcased the artwork they created to go along with each poem they wrote. These talented students shared the photographs they took while visiting Davidson to illustrate their poems in the style of Carl Sandburg as well as the mosaics they created to illustrate their poetry in the style of Emily Dickinson. The parents and special guests that were lucky enough to attend were greatly impressed with the memorization skills, songwriting, poetry, and artistic talents of these young people.

LS Blazer Buzz 9 March

This week's highlight: Charlotte's Web

Our 2nd grade students concluded their study of friendship by traveling to Charlotte to see a production of “Charlotte’s Web” at Ovens Auditorium. This play is based on E.B. White’s story of the enduring friendship between a pig named Wilbur and a little grey spider named Charlotte. This treasured tale, features endearing farm animals, explores bravery, selfless love, and the true meaning of friendship. Before viewing the live version of the story, our second grade students read the book “Charlotte’s Web” during their Life Skills class, discussed the character traits found in true friends, and performed random acts of kindness for others.

LS Blazer Buzz 2 March

This week's highlight: Have a Heart Food and Supply Drive

During the month of February, in honor of Valentines Day, our first grade students hosted the Have a Heart Food and Supply Drive. Students collected food, litter, treats, cleaning supplies and toys for their service partner, the Cornelius Animal Shelter. In addition, students spent much of their classroom service class creating fleece blankets for cats and kittens currently living at the shelter. Students will deliver the much needed items when they visit the shelter in March.

LS Blazer Buzz 16 Feb

This week's highlight: Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is a 1964 children's book written by Jeff Brown and originally illustrated by Tomi Ungerer. It is the first in a series of books featuring Stanley Lambchop. Due to a bulletin board mishap, Stanley is only half an inch thick! In the book series, Stanley has a variety of adventures including traveling to California through the U.S. mail!

Our first grade students have studied the post office, learned the continents and 50 states, and have memorized their address. As part of their study, they have the opportunity to send a “Flat Stanley” to three friends living outside of North Carolina. Our Woodlawn friends dress the Flat Stanley character they receive and mail him back to our excited first grade students. Included in the return envelope is a letter and a few photos describing Flat Stanley’s adventure.

Our students have received Flat Stanley packages from a variety of states and several countries including London, Israel, France, Canada, and Italy.