LS Blazer Buzz 20 Oct

This week's highlight: Martial Arts

Woodlawn Lower School recently added karate to our after school programming. Karate has been shown to improve reflexes, coordination, strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance. Our Woodlawn students are currently learning the basics of martial arts including traditional blocks, punches, and kicks. They are even learning a few practical self-defense techniques. Our classes provide a strong foundation in physical fitness, self-awareness, discipline and respect for self and others. Sensei Tamaris Connors, a third degree black belt, from the Lake Norman Martial Arts Academy leads the class each week.

LS Blazer Buzz 13 Oct

This week's highlight:Turning fear into bravery

Our Kindergarten students have focused on their "feelings" during recent weeks in Life Skills class.  Most recently, students discussed feeling scared.  We have all felt scared at some point in our lives and know that it is not a good feeling to have.  Students realized that having a "lovey" or "security blanket" by their side definitely helped to turn that feeling of fear into bravery.  Our Kindergarten students then shared their favorite "lovey" with their classmates.  Some students shared a small blanket, stuffed animal, or special pillow.  In the coming weeks, each kindergarten student will create two "brave capes."  One can be worn at home, and the other will be donated to brave children at the Ronald McDonald House, our service partner. 

LS Blazer Buzz 6 Oct

This week's highlight: 5th Grade Takes it to New Heights

A positive attitude and positive energy were the only two things the fifth graders needed to bring on their trip to the Whitewater Center, and it made all the difference.  Students experienced a lot of firsts and challenged themselves throughout the day as they reached new heights on the rock wall, tackled the high ropes course, and braved the zip line. Vincent’s favorite part of the trip was the zip line.  Aidan said, “The best part was the megazip.  It felt like I was flying!”   The rock wall was Riley’s favorite, and she reached the top twice! 

With encouraging words and specific advice, students helped each other traverse from one platform to the next on the high ropes course.  RJ and Logan were both most excited about the high ropes course because it was so challenging.  Graham’s favorite part of the day was the low ropes course, but thanks to supportive chants from his classmates, he took the leap and zipped off the high platform as well.  All day, Mrs. Lolla and Mrs. Augustin saw a lot of high fives and heard chants of support for each other, "You got this”; "You rock”; and "Don't give up”. Vincent ended the day by thanking his classmates for all the support - and that is what the trip was all about…5th grade bonding!

LS Blazer Buzz 29 Sept

This week's highlight: Commitment to Honor

At Woodlawn, our Honor Code helps to create an environment in which honorable behavior is the standard for everyone in our community. At the beginning of each school year, all Woodlawn students commit to the schools Honor Code. They system in the Lower School is designed to teach and instruct students about honor (being truthful to all), integrity (living a life of purpose, principal, humility, and compassion), and respect (caring for the work, belongings, and feelings of others). This past week, our second and third grade students had the opportunity to discuss the honor code, before participating in a signing ceremony during their Life Skills class. Participants pledged to their classmates to be "honest and respectful at all times" before signing their name to the Honor Code banner. Each student was cheered by their teachers and peers as they committed to focus on building a community grounded in mutual trust and respect.

LS Blazer Buzz 22 Sept

This week's highlight: Garden of Five Senses

Our Kindergarten students had the opportunity to spend time with their 6th grade family last Friday in the garden.  Kindergarten students have been studying the five senses and spent time in the garden using their senses and collecting garden goodies to take home.  Students had the opportunity to smell and taste a variety of mint including Spearmint (we have tasted this in gum and toothpaste), Peppermint, and Lemon Balm.  The children used their sense of sight to locate and describe a variety of flowers growing in the garden and listened for helpful insects like crickets.  Our Woodlawn students were most excited about touching the fuzzy Lamb's Ear plant and collected one or two leaves to take home to share with their families.