LS Blazer Buzz 15 Dec

This week's highlight: Charlotte's Web

Our second grade class is currently reading Charlotte's Web during their Life Skills class. While reading the classic story, students are focusing on friendship traits and have discussed which characters in the book would make the best friend. In order to bring the story to life, students are creating their own animal barnyard from Model Magic that includes all the characters from the story, including Charlotte the spider, Templeton the rat, Wilbur the pig, the stuttering goose, and young lamb. Once their barnyard is finished, students will write friendship "character" profiles. While working on this wonderful project, students are practicing their many life skills, including communication, planning, problem solving, sharing, and team work!

LS Blazer Buzz 8 Dec

This week's highlight: Pretzel Extravaganza!

This year, Woodlawn School is sponsoring a dessert booth at Christmas in Davidson. In order to prepare, families were asked to donate baked goods for the event. The first grade decided to donate chocolate-dipped pretzels and turned the preparation into a family event during the Thanksgiving holiday. The first grade families joined together to dip the pretzels, decorate them with sprinkles, and package each item for sale. Those involved described it as a delicious crazy misadventure, but incredibly fun!

LS Blazer Buzz 24 Nov

This week's highlight: Care Packages for our Buddies!

As our community prepares for the Thanksgiving holidays, our Upper School students are spending extra time preparing for exams before that much-needed vacation.  We all recognize the amount of work that goes into preparing for end-of-term assessments and our community wanted to show their support of the Upper School students.  Woodlawn students in grades K-8 came together to create care packages for their Upper School buddies.  Students and families donated Halloween candy, new pens and pencils, fresh fruit, snack bars and hot chocolate for the goodie bags in hopes of encouraging our Upper School friends to do their best on their final exams!

LS Blazer Buzz 17 Nov

This week's highlight: Bake Sale for Service

Ms. Gunby's third grade class hosted their annual bake sale last Thursday. The entire Woodlawn community turned out to sample the delicious homemade brownies, cookies, and cupcakes! The sale was extremely successful and the students raised over $418 for their service partner, 5th Street Ministries. 5th Street Ministries serves men, women and children in need by providing clothing, food, and access to healthcare and safe sanctuary. Our students support 5th Street by hosting drives for needed items, raising money at their annual bake sale, and serving meals to their many visitors. The bake sale also enabled our young students to practice their mental math skills as they totaled orders and made change for their hungry customers.

LS Blazer Buzz 10 Nov

This week's highlight: Election Day

Tally the votes! The second grade class, with the help of Ms. Modrak, held their annual election on Tuesday, November 4th. In the weeks leading up to Election Day, the second grade students examined the role of government in our country and our unique democracy. Like most adults in North Carolina, their attention was focused on the Senate seat race between Thom Tillis and Senator Kay Hagan. In the days leading up to the election, our lower school students learned about each candidate and studied their previous record. On Election Day, our second grade leaders practiced the roles of polling place volunteers. They collected registration cards, found their peers names on the registration list, escorted voters to the voting booth, and made sure each student received an “I Voted” sticker as they exited the voting site. Unlike the official results in North Carolina, Kay Hagan was the clear winner with our youngest voters.