Middle School Soccer

2015 Middle School Soccer Schedule

Thursday, August 27th, 4pm- Woodlawn @ Southlake

Tuesday, September 1st, 4pm- Woodlawn @ LKN Christian

Thursday, September 3rd, 4pm- St. Mark @ Woodlawn

Thursday, September 10th, 4pm- SMS @ Woodlawn

Monday, September 14th, 4pm- St. Stephens @ Woodlawn

Tuesday, September 15th, 4pm- Southlake @ Woodlawn

Thursday, September 17th, 4pm-LKN Christian @ Woodlawn

Tuesday, September 22nd, 4pm- Woodlawn @ St. Mark

Thursday, September 24th, 4pm- Woodlawn @ St. Stephens

Tuesday, September 29th, 4pm- Woodlawn @ SMS

Thursday, October 1st, 4pm- WPAA Tournament Quarter Finals

Monday, October 5th, 4pm- WPAA Tournament Semi Finals

Wednesday, October 7th, 4pm- WPAA Tournament Finals

Sept. 16, 2014   Woodlawn vs. St. Stephens  T 1-1

Woodlawn started strong with an early goal from Joey following good link up play between the attack and midfield. St. Stephens tied the game soon after, but Woodlawn recovered with consistent pressure for the rest of the game. Shots from Jesse, Cole, and Jackson came close to giving us the lead, but, in the end, St. Stephens was able to successfully hold off until the final whistle. Michael’s efforts in midfield must also be noted, as he tirelessly chased the ball down on both halves of the field.

Photos from the match.

Sept. 11, 2014   Woodlawn vs. St. Mark  L 0-8

Goalie Angus E. recorded 16 saves in the match.

Sept. 5, 2014   Woodlawn at Southlake Christian  L 0-2

2014 Middle School Soccer Schedule

(4pm start for all games)

9/05/14: Woodlawn @ Southlake
9/11/14: St. Mark @ Woodlawn
9/16/14: St. Stephens @ Woodlawn
9/18/14: SMS @ Woodlawn
9/22/14: Southlake @ Woodlawn
9/25/14: Make Up Date
9/26/14: Woodlawn @ LKN Christian (Mazeppa Park- Field Turf #3)
9/30/14: LKN Christian @ Woodlawn
10/02/14: Woodlawn @ St. Mark
10/07/14: Woodlawn @ St. Stephens
10/09/14: Woodlawn @ SMS
10/20/14 Tournament- First Round
Seeds #6 @ #3 and #5 @ #4
10/21/14 Semifinals: Winner of #4/#5 @ #1 and winner of #3/#6 @ #2
10/22/14 Finals: Winners of Semifinals at highest seed.